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A leader in strengthening Parliaments to be accessible, independent, representative and effective in executing their constitutional mandate.


To provide technical support to strengthen parliamentary processes and public participation in the legislative process for good governance and accountability.


In all its operations SAPST is guided by the following values; 
• Integrity-SAPST always strives to be ethical and honest; 
• Accountability to donors, parliaments and to civil society partners; 
• Innovation- SAPST values the creation of new ideas and new methods of dealing with situations; 
• Professionalism- SAPST provides high quality expertise in an objective manner; 
• Objectivity-SAPST always acts independently and is always non-partisan; 
• Transparency-in financial matters and decision making; 
• Pro-activeness- SAPST will take initiatives and will not wait to be asked; and 
• Gender equity and equality.

Strategic objectives are:

The Strategic Objectives that will guide SAPST operations between 2014 and 2018 are: 
1. To capacitate Parliaments to effectively carry out law making, representation and oversight functions 
2. To facilitate civil society and the general public to engage Parliament 
3. To strengthen media coverage of Parliament business 
4. To provide a platform for local, regional and international legislators to share experiences 
5. To enhance the organisation's financial, human resources and technical capacity 
6. To enhance gender mainstreaming in the parliamentary support programme 
7. To develop and implement a clear and effective communication strategy

Main activities are:

Training of Committees and the Secretariat of Parliament in legislative, policy and budget analysis and reporting. Supporting a University Student Internship Programme with Parliament. Support for the conduct of public hearings by parliament committees. Technical support in the review of parliament rules and procedures. Support for the conduct of constituency meetings and report-back sessions by MPs. Conducting seminars to familiarise civic society, non-governmental organizations, interest groups and the general public on parliamentary practices, procedures and rules. Carrying out research on key legislative and policy issues of interest to MPs and their staff.

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